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I'm Amanda, a product manager specializing in new product strategy and innovation, growth hacking, and software developer tools.

I help companies come up with the right solutions to solve user needs, and take a product from idea to launch to achieve product-market fit.

Amanda Chew

Product Manager

Product Advisor

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Brown University

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How I can help

Product Management

New product strategy and ideation

This involves taking a product idea from ideation to making the first sale; everything from analyzing the business opportunity to launching the minimum viable product, and growth hacking to find product-market fit.

UX prototyping and auditing

I will produce a low-fidelity interactive prototype in Figma or Sketch to capture ideas for an MVP or for an existing product. I will also review your product with design thinking principles and customer data to provide recommendations.

Growth hacking

Whatever it takes to get drive massive growth, or to achieve product-market fit for your business' new service or product. Mainly using data and user research to guide business intuition.

Product specification creation

The end product is a technical or design spec that your business can take to engineering and design teams to create a product or service.