I'm Amanda, a freelance product manager specializing in new product innovation, growth hacking and e-commerce website creation.

I help companies come up with the right solutions, take a product from idea to launch to get product-market fit, and create websites to sell and market their products online.

Product Manager


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Cracked Glacier

How I can help

Product Management

New product strategy and ideation

This involves taking a product idea from ideation to making the first sale; everything from analyzing the uncontested business opportunity to launching the minimum viable product and growth hacking to find product-market fit.

UX prototyping and auditing

I will produce a low-fidelity interactive prototype in Figma or Sketch to capture ideas for an MVP or for an existing product. I will also review your product with design thinking principles and customer data to provide recommendations.

Growth hacking

Creating and capturing value by accelerating adoption and usage by the existing or adjacent markets to achieve product-market fit.

Product-market fit expansion

Increasing the ceiling on product-market fit in a non-incremental way by expanding into an adjacent market, product, or both.

E-commerce Website Creation

E-commerce website creation

The end product is an e-commerce website for your business that will be browser, mobile, and search engine optimized. I'll also help you create and manage content for your social media and grow your community of users.

Food photography

An 8 hours onsite food photography session. Camera, lights, and equipment will be provided. You will provide the products/foods and the props. We’ll be using Canon DSLR and DJI Magic Pro drone.

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